Autumn 2017 *True Passion* or *The Road to Somewhere*

Photo by Donna Sherman

As many of you know,  I took some time away from my practice this past summer. As I tell all of my clients;  you can never underestimate the value of isolating any issue and examining it fully.  
When a decision is made to do this, change and evolution can flow.  
I took a very deep look at my own strengths this summer.  And that means, of course, examining areas of weakness as well .  
Going forward, “How can I best serve my clients?”  was the question foremost on my mind.  To answer that - I looked at my own passions.   
I was drawn to hypnosis first and foremost as a means for personal discovery and growth.  And it is in this arena where I am at my most effective and can, indeed, serve my clients in the best ways possible.  
The field of hypnosis is enormous and most fascinating.  It is like a mountain with infinite pathways leading upwards…. Different kinds of paths, different kinds of journeys.  So many things to experience and learn.  
There is a path on this hypnosis mountain that is all about personal discovery and evolution.  
This is the path I am choosing to take, moving forward in my practice.
If you are interested in expansion,  growing yourself in beneficial directions, or discovering your own new paths;  I very well may be the right hypnotist for you.   
If you are interested in hypnosis primarily for medical issues, pain management or smoking cessation, 
I can recommend  a therapist well versed in those types of journeys.  
True passion is something that can not be faked.  My passion is helping people discover or uncover their own true passions.  Their own immense strengths. Designing and reinforcing a blueprint for how to achieve their visions that utilize their unique talents and proclivities.   
Life has a way of pulling us off our truest courses.  How can we discover and get back on the most fulfilling track?  
This is the arena I am most drawn to.
This is my area of power.
This is where I can serve you best.
Please contact me to discuss how working with me can benefit you.  


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