*Hold Fast or Let Go?*

Photo by Donna Sherman
Have you ever heard the phrase "in order to hold onto a moment, you must let it go?"

This is a difficult concept for us humans.  When we love something, or someone, the urge to grab on tight is strong.  And this will usually be the motivating factor that will, eventually, makes us lose precisely what it is we love.

An enduring paradox.
I found myself thinking about that paradox as I read a fantastic article that addresses just this.

Here is an excerpt:
"....internal, psychological experiences exist on an inverted curve because they are both the cause and the effect of the same thing: our minds. When you desire happiness, your mind is simultaneously the thing that is desiring and the target of its own desires.
When it comes to these lofty, abstract, existential goals, our minds are like a dog who, after a lifetime of successfully chasing and catching various small creatures, has turned and decided to exact that same strategy on its own tail. To the dog, this seems logical. After all, chasing has led her to catch everything else in her doggy life. Why not her tail, too?
But a dog can never catch her own tail. The more she chases, the more her tail seems to run away. That’s because the dog lacks the perspective to realize that she and the tail are the exact same thing."

Interesting, yes?  Do you already see the way this might relate to circumstances in your own life? And, perhaps, might this even show you the way to change those things?

If so, I will post the link and you can read further.
Just please keep in mind...your MIND.
How it is the beginning and the end and the content and the context of EVERYTHING you experience.

Here is the link, beware some salty language, enjoy:

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