August 21, 2014 New Beginnings

It is good to be back to my practice.  Though the circumstances were far from ideal,  it has been a time of real personal growth for me, and I feel that quite a bit of it will also be of great benefit to my clients.  I had two choices; I could let the loss of my partner do me in, or I could let it be an opportunity for higher knowledge and expansion.  Pretty sure there was never an option for a middle ground.

I chose expansion.  I am glad that I did.  

I had a good talk with someone today who asked me about what I do. What I actually do. I do not psychoanalyze people. Sometimes knowing why you do what you do, does not change the behavior. Sometimes too much focus on a particular problem or issue can actually reinforce it. Things do need to be acknowledged and understood to a degree, no doubt.  It is not about ignoring what may be negative.  But it is a perspective shift on the entire issue that will allow a person the most growth. So what does help? How do we get that to happen?  As I have said before “People will make changes when the desire for change becomes greater that the desire to hold on to something. And this is where inspiration comes in.” A complete perspective shift on what is going on deep inside the subconscious and all the way up from that.

It always comes back to the transformative magic of being suitably INSPIRED, for any shift in perspective to take place.  This is the singular and most effective way to make a positive change in any aspect of life.  

So how do I know what will be the right way to inspire someone? I know by mostly just LISTENING to people. Usually what they really want - the thing that they truly desire, they find the way to tell me, in some way.  And they also usually know how they want to do it.  Often this is information is located, of course, in their subconscious.  But it finds ways to make itself known.

My job as a hypnotherapist is to listen very hard to to what is said.   And what is not said.  You, the client, tell me your story and I figure out a bridge to the solution, based on you.  When we meet in person for our session, I work with you in a completely individualized and tailored way. Never based on anyone else, only on you.  Everyone is very unique and I honor that.  This is why I only work with clients one at a time.  I do not do group Hypnosis.

The effectiveness of Hypnosis and it's therapeutic value can not be discounted.  And it is more often than not; a fun thing to do! It is not often that any of us go in for self improvement and find joy.  
And that is a shame.  
Because if you think about it; why not?  
Why must it be a grim undertaking?  Why can’t it be fun?  Transformation of ourselves is one of the most spectacular, wonderful and meaningful things that we can do as human beings, and we are all capable of doing it.  All of us.  And once we have made the changes we desire, we can then, by example, help to inspire others.  
And that is pure joy right there!

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