November 27, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving!

Artist: Alastair Magnald 

Gratitude is the ultimate opposite of everything negative.  When you are truly grateful, you are truly open.
Faked or false gratitude won't cut it.   The real true emotion of gratitude is one that permeates mind, body and soul.  
It is very easy to feel true gratitude for the good things in Life.  Of course.
But all of Life's challenges and heartbreaks and difficulties that come to everyone sooner or later,  what happens when you can find gratitude for those things too?
A lot happens.   Talk about a magic wand!  Talk about an antidote for poison.  A balm for wounds.  Food for the starving.  Rain for parched land.  A warm blanket for the freezing.
Gratitude feels simple but achieving this emotion fully,  is actually like hoisting up a pair of giant wings to take you anywhere.  Simple but extremely POWERFUL.
Feeling thankful, even for those things that hurt you.  Feeling grateful even for those things that inflamed you. Feeling gratitude even for those walls that seem to imprison you.
When you can tune into that frequency on the old radio dial of emotion......
You can fly anywhere.  Up and out and over it.  Gratitude is the opposite of everything negative.  Worth saying twice. 
As I have said before, challenges and problems and sorrows and heartbreak...they are part of Life and you can't exactly "Hypno" them to disappear.   As a dear friend said to me: "no way around em but through em"  , but tuned into this station, feeling thankful is a perspective shift that allows you to become bigger, better, stronger, faster than those things. Things that can threaten to destroy everything good in you, can also make you more than what you were.  Gratitude is the alchemist's potion for achieving this transformation.
Like everything in life; it is that shift in how you look/how you feel about those things that makes all the difference in the universe. 
We are given this gift, this ability, an emotion that we are all capable of, yet often it lies boxed up, dusty and unused buried deep inside our subconscious.  That box gets taped up tight with entitlement and impatience, envy and hopelessness, sadness and fear....
For anyone reading: Today please pull off that tape and open that box!   See how everything changes.  Want to be a super hero in your own life?  Be grateful for all of the jagged rocks as much as the warm soft sand...
Love those poor, misguided "enemies" of yours, even bless that massive electric bill, for it will motivate you, car that just cut you off? Oh thank that driver too!  That driver just reminded you to slow down and take in the sights......
No it is not easy!!  But find it inside yourself and tune into miracles unfold. Happiness, Joy, Peace..this is the music played on this station.
I wish anyone reading this, and everyone not reading this too;   To be filled with Gratitude for all experiences.  Today, for sure, and every day as much as possible!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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