January 26, 2015 On The Fence?

 Photo by Donna Sherman
Hello again.  I am writing today, exactly 26 days into 2015, wondering how those New Years Resolutions are going for you?
Many of you may be wondering the same thing, yes?
Well, no worries.  I am here to tell you that, in general, New Years Resolutions don’t work.
And I will tell you why, although you already know.  
Because it is actually quite arbitrary, a “New Year’s Resolution”. Because it is just “A Thing To Do” or even  “A Thing To Say You Will Do”  Something linked to a vague idea of a new year starting fresh, so it seems like a good idea.  But unless your resolution gets linked in some way to something deeper than a calendar day,  there is no real power source for the “resolution” to keep going.  Let’s face it, New years begin after a good month of parties, stress, disruption of schedules, etc.  Come January 1 most people just want to find some structure again, and recuperate.  This, too, is not working in your favor.  
Momentum never really gets built for change.  
The foundation isn’t there.
Also; the word “Resolution” is awful, sounds grim, dreary, all about what you think you have to give up.  
And, last but not least; the order isn’t right.  A date for change, because it’s a tradition and then deciding what to change?  A date really can’t be the thing to lead you into some transformation.  It is just not enough.

The really good news is that it is all irrelevant anyway.  Because the absolute best time to find freedom from an old habit..old patterns, old thoughts...is right now.   Any day of the year, any month, any time of day!
And you know it.  
The absolute best day is when you really want to. And then you can look at the calendar and note the date, if you still even care about it!
And if you are here, you are thinking about something you want to change,  be released from, be inspired to….fill in the blank. Or maybe even several things.  

So if you are on the fence and thinking about Hypnosis as a tool, take a look at this article:


It will clear up some of your possible misconceptions about Hypnosis.  
And maybe you will give me a call.  
I would welcome it.  
Happy New Year!  Even 26 days in.

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