April 15, 2015 More than One Thing.....

Artist: Vladimir Kush 

Happy April.  The most painfully exquisite month of all. Now April has been called “The Cruelest Month” and for me personally, I could surely believe this. But I am choosing to see it’s beauty instead.
As I have said in so many different ways from my very first blog entry here….its is all what we tell ourselves... which comes from how we look at things...the  language and way we use to describes things, even to ourselves….changing our perception deep down; changes the reality. Changing the reality, changes how it makes us feel.  This is not the same thing as ignoring reality!

I came across a study recently, I don’t think it is a new one, it has been put forth in various ways….
Unfortunately, for this one  I did not bookmark it, so I don’t have the exact statistics….but bear with me; because you’ll get the somewhat brilliant point just the same!

A bunch of people were asked the question: “Is it ok to have a cocktail while you are praying?”
A huge percentage (some 90 something percent!) said “NO”.
The same people were then asked: “Is it ok to pray while having a cocktail?”
Another huge percentage matching the above percentage, if not exceeding it, said “YES”

If this doesn’t Illustrate the amazing power of focus, content, context and language nothing does!

And I bet each person who participated in this study barely thought for a moment before they answered both questions...I bet both answers were completely spontaneous and heartfelt even though they completely contradicted each other!  By utilizing a power word/concept of “praying” with all of it’s associations for each individual, an instant emotional response was triggered. . Different moral codes, different life experiences, and yet the results were the same for the majority of the participants.

So what does this have to do with Hypnosis?  
Hypnosis deals with the subconscious...and it is the subconscious that holds these foundational beliefs.  These phrases on how we look at everything.

People can go a lifetime without ever once examining exactly where they stand to look at anything in this world.   If the right questions are asked, in the right way, to connect with unconscious thought….a shift can begin ...a step to the left or a step to the right and a new view can supersede an old one...way deep down inside. There is undeniable power in this.  Because a new view, a new emotional connection, will very possibly create a new action, will very possibly change behavior. Change response. Make life better!

Change the way you look at something.
Changes the way you feel.
Change the way you feel, changes the way you behave.

We can’t consciously make ourselves feel anything.  It’s just like bad acting in a play or movie, it’s flat with nothing behind it.  .
All emotions are like weather.  The conditions have to be the right.
The right combination of this and that leads to….this storm, or that rainbow.  This happiness or that anger.
And for us, the conditions are created by the way we see things, and are changed by the reframing or renaming that takes place when we begin to question if we are really standing in the best, right place for us to see things from.

It is not ok to drink while praying, but it is ok to pray while drinking.

“The contrary is also true” said the inimitable Groucho Marx...and yes, he was right.
Things are more than one thing.

Happy Painfully Exquisite April.  


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