December 3, 2015 Paradise Within

Photo by Donna Sherman
I am not sure that this post has anything at all to do with Hypnosis, but I am writing it anyway. We'll see what happens....

Everything is indeed connected, all actions begin with thoughts often born from emotion.
All of these aspects originate within us, many times in response to what is outside of us.    
In this sense; this is about Hypnosis because Hypnosis is about the power of suggestion, after all.

Our vast technology has changed the landscape of our interior worlds profoundly.  It has given us a knowledge of events and opinions far greater than in any time in human history.  And, like all knowledge, once known, it can not then be UN-known.  
I’ve written before about the sense of bombardment.  
Things coming at us from everywhere…
The news,  the arguing,  the imagery, the advertising…
There is a subworld online and outward  that we’ve created and like the proverbial Frankenstein’s monster, it reaches out from our screens when our defenses are down (and even when they are not) and grabs us in a choke-hold. Leaves us breathless, thoughts racing.
Mass murders most every day.   Child abuse, Animal abuse, Road rage, Car accidents, Illness, stupid yet horrific crimes, list goes on…. Tragedies beyond comprehension.  Name calling, opinions, anger, interspersed with photos of people’s pets or children, their lattes or casseroles, funny cartoons,  videos of the perfection of nature…..animals being cute, things for sale...etc..….the constant chatter of Life in the 21st Century.

It can feel like DIS-EASE to be here now. The sense of not being at ease.  

So much anxiety and stress.  Feels like being squeezed some days.  So many options...what to think, what to do, how to be, what to want, what to not want.

People haven’t changed fundamentally really in all these years spent walking upright.   You can read a play by Shakespeare and find the same basic conflicts confounding us in the 16th century.  You can even discern in the Bible, written thousands of years earlier, the same essential emotions driving people.

But what has changed is our access to so much more of it than ever before.  Like a magnificent and terrible telepathy that if we choose to take a visit to the cyber world,  just check our email, or make a phone call, we are opening ourselves up to EVERYTHING that others are thinking and doing and buying and shooting and praying for and not praying for.  

Without me unveiling any of my own personal religious/spiritual beliefs (which are irrelevant here as much as anything can be)  Let me just say that as a mythological and metaphorical story,  Adam and Eve sharing the apple of Knowledge and getting booted out of Paradise is somehow more blindingly accurate today than perhaps in any other time.   

Is there any internal Eden left for us at all?  

I think there only is when we choose to focus on it and re-create it.  In any way possible.
And this very well might just be the single most best thing we can possibly do for ourselves or each other.
Create a Paradise in the midst of a screaming battle…
Carry it within.
Pull it out in the maelstrom.  
Be a non-neon sign along Life’s highway.   
Like the moon maybe.  

Even as I write this; I know that in the writing and posting of it I am, in effect, lighting this road sign to neon….yet it is still worth doing.  And everyone must still seek it in their own way. Both things are true.
But if through my work  I can help others find that place within themselves where all the chattering cacophony stops, revealing just one low voiced sound of truth and peace, then the necessary evil of yet another neon sign can be transformed into assistance to change the world for the better.   
One mind at a time.
It is all I can do for myself and all I can do for you.  


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