September 27, 2013 The Power of Words and Symbols And Words AS Symbols....

 Artist: Xetobyte
Imagine you are just about to go onstage to speak before a huge crowd of people and you are unexpectedly handed a slip of paper with three words on it, and those three words say:
Now imagine those three words say:
Which situation produces the better outcome for your speech?  Is there any doubt? :)

Language is power.  What we tell ourselves has a profound effect on any outcome.  We hand ourselves metaphorical slips of paper just like that all the time.
The interplay between our subconscious thoughts, our conscious minds and our actions is endless and constant.  Did you know that our subconscious mind never sleeps?  Much like a computer program, it is constantly running beneath the surface of everything we think and everything we do.  It's pretty amazing. Our subconscious minds hold our belief systems, our memories, our experiences, our dreams, desires, our imaginings, and has been doing so every day since the day we are born. Possibly even before we are born. Endlessly taking it all in, allowing our conscious minds to glimpse and process only a mere fraction of all of that data.
What if you could get right down in there into the nuts and bolts of how and what you think about certain things? What if you could communicate directly with this part of yourself and actually change the way you think about something for real, something that is not working for you?
This is essentially what hypnosis is.  It is not a supernatural or a mystical thing at all, is is actually something we all do much the time without realizing it.  But sometimes these things/impressions/perceptions that are making their way very deeply into us, are not necessarily the most helpful ones we could choose.  In hypnosis; we get to choose. So if decide we wish to feel invincible; this is how we will feel. Yes, it is that simple.

After life long dabbling as an amateur hypnotist, I have begun my formal study of the subject and am on a journey to Master Certification in Hypnosis. And what a journey it has been so far.  The discovering has been incredible.  I am so excited to share what I have been learning with others.  There are miles to go and so many more things to discover.  Thank you for visiting my website and this blog. I will keep adding to it, so please; you keep on checking back!

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