October 19, 2013 Is It Magic?

Photo by Donna Sherman
I am asked by so many people how many sessions will it take to solve an issue and this is a question worth exploring in a little more depth because there is no "one size fits all" answer.  And it is interesting to explore why this is.

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis out there, and the biggest one might be that it is some sort of magic, a silver bullet to immediately "fix" a problem.

And on one level, this is actually partially correct.  It is almost magical when the realization hits just how powerful your very own mind really is.  Most of us may already think this, but when you come to the point where you KNOW it, in your gut, it is an almost supernatural kind of feeling.  But, like all power, it must be used responsibly and this is where time comes into the picture. Because it takes time to really understand just how to harness it. When you realize that it has only ever been your own self that is responsible for all the happiness you feel, the pain you feel, the longing you feel, the dread, the terror,  the joy, the contentment, all the myriad of emotions that we all experience every day, you can get filled up with the tremendous nature of this concept. That you are actually in charge of this. It was never about things that happened to you, it was always only ever about the perception you attached to these things that happened to you, creating an emotional response..

When you get this, KNOW this, you then realize that you must retrain your mind to think differently on all levels of consciousness. And sometimes, this does take time.

All a hypnotist can do is assist you with seeing that this doorway exists. It is still up to you to cross the threshold, and explore what awaits you beyond.

If you wish to experience the unique state of mind a hypnosis session can bring you, one time will do that.  I can and will teach you how to get yourself back to this same place on your own. A quiet place where you will become so amazingly focused on just existing that all the conflicts, fears and to -do lists, will be blissfully silenced for a time! Literally you will be able to reach a place in yourself you probably forgot was even there.  This is in of itself incredibly useful.  Modern life certainly does not lend itself to this state of being, it is not encouraged or generally practiced. But try it once, and you may well discover a version of a mini vacation that you can take every day without incurring credit card debt or having to pack a suitcase!

If you are seeking hypnosis to solve a specific issue or problem, more than one session may be necessary.

Again, I will use the exercise/personal fitness trainer metaphor, as it seems the most apt.  One session at the gym with a personal trainer will not get you in shape. This we know. But some people will use that one session and go home and recreate the exercise plan they learned from it,  and they will be on their way.
Some people may have to go back for additional training sessions and then once all is firmly ensconced, then go it alone. Some people may never be able to do these things on their own, they, for whatever reason, need the motivation to come from someone they are, in essence, hiring to motivate them. Everything depends upon the level of commitment you have to do what you want to do.

Many people do quit smoking or establish a way to stop overeating in just one session. Very do-able and not unusual. In a session with me, we can and will talk about where you stand on the continuum of commitment, as this is the most decisive factor as to how long or how many sessions anything will take to do..

What I can promise you is that I will never encourage multiple sessions if they are unnecessary.  My business model is of mutual profit.  Yes I said it!
Too many people out there believe profit can only ever be a one way street.  I am of the mind that success is determined from things way bigger than making a buck.  I wish to help my clients and also learn from my clients. Since this is my way of earning a living, I will need to charge a fee for this,  but the day I suggest a client return for more, when it is not necessary or beneficial to a client, is the day I will hang up my "pocket watch" and find another career. And I don't believe that day will come.  I love the positive change I can help create in people too much.  (Please note: I don't actually use a pocket watch, though I can if you want!)

So much in our world revolves around monetary profit and there are plenty of hypnotists (and doctors and lawyers and lawn-care consultants and makeup counter sales people, etc.) out there who will gladly take your money and keep on taking it with no thought given to anything beyond that.  It is my hope that as I continue to grow my own business and work with more and more people, my own deeply held beliefs about mutual profit will be apparent and will separate me from those who seek only to sell to you without regard for what it is you are buying.

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