March 13, 2014 Multiple Choice & Promises

March 13, 2014

Photo by Donna Sherman
On one of my certification tests, one of the questions asked:
What is the most important tool in a hypnotist's “tool box”?  

There were four possible answers.  
All of them are beyond important.  All of them are necessary.  But which is the most important?
Without a doubt.  Above all else. My wonderful teacher instilled this in me and I remain every day in full agreement.  
But how would a potential client know this?   How does anyone seeking help for anything know the person they choose is trustworthy?  Especially a hypnotist.  I invite you or anyone out there considering visiting a hypnotist to trust their gut.  Your “gut” is your subconscious and it knows.  You must listen to it. And do your homework. If you are unsure; get referrals.  Talk to other people who have worked with this person.  For any therapist of any kind, if they won’t offer referrals that can be verified: Run.   
With this in mind, I plan to post reviews by my clients, a list I will be adding to as time goes on.  

What does having integrity as a hypnotist really mean?
It is possible that this would be answered differently by different people and I can only speak for myself.
To me, it means to always have my client’s absolute best interests at the forefront.  
To give my undivided focus to each and every person I work with. I will be thinking deeply and completely about what it is you need.  
To go above and beyond in the preparation and execution of each and every session.
To never just “coast”.
To hold all client interactions in complete confidence.
And lastly, but most importantly;  no matter how much resistance might be displayed,  I will always believe in my clients ability to overcome anything they desire to, even if they, at that time, can not.
No one is ever going to be a “lost cause” with me.   There are always positive benefits to gain and I will see to it that they are gained.  

If you are in a rut, call me.
If you are in need of rebooting, transforming, welcoming a new version of yourself or shedding an old skin; call me.
If you want to understand your own behavior better; call me.
If you need someone to listen, someone who will not judge; call me.
I will offer all I can to you, at my highest level of integrity and purpose.

These are the the promises I make to all of you. These are the promises that I have made to myself as to my treatment of anyone who reaches out to me.

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