December 11, 2013 The RIGHT Inspiration

Well it has been quite a time! I do hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving, I sure did, and I find myself enjoying this holiday season more than usual. I have been seeing lots of clients and every time I do, I just keep on learning and more. Experience really is the best teacher and my work has been so unbelievably gratifying!

It is never too late to make a change in your life. If anyone reading this thinks so; it is time to rethink that. The human mind is always ready for change as long as it functions. Bad habits can be transformed into good ones. Creative blocks can be unblocked. Old fears can melt away like an Autumn snowfall. There are always new paths to travel.

I don’t mean to sound like a motivational speaker, I realize I might. I don’t think there is a “one size fits all” solution to motivate anyone, the way many actual motivational speakers do. I think it is very individualized, what rings the right bell for a person or what metaphor will cast the right light on a matter for someone. People will make changes when the desire for change becomes greater that the desire to hold on to something. And this is where inspiration comes in. Very personal inspiration for a very specific change. Not just a generic, in general “change”.

You have to be able to see and feel the change, see and feel what it will bring you, be excited for it, reach for it.

A person must be inspired into desiring change.

Most of us tend to just focus on “how hard it will be”, but think about this for a moment. Things are not hard when you know for sure what you want, and you want it bad. How many of us, for instance, want to lose 5 pounds? Well, sure, that is specific enough desire isn’t it? No it is really not. It’s a drag. It seems impossible. Wearying, all the things you’ll have to “give up”, and you are already hungry right now, just thinking about it. But replace the phrase in your mind of "wanting to lose 5 pounds" with an image you can almost touch of yourself weighing less, wearing a dress of your dreams or tightening up your belt a few notches and smiling like your face will break… And suddenly, the idea no longer tires you out, now the idea catches fire. And it becomes easy to do the next steps. You have replaced what you are “giving up” with what you are GETTING.

Sometimes you can do this for yourself.

Sometimes Hypnosis can really help. When you make a choice to give the time to any endeavor, set aside special time to go inward and really explore a small wish and turn that into a monumental need, you have crossed into the land of transformation. Having that small wish turn into immense desire all the way down deep in your subconscious increases its power over you like nothing else!

I bet everything you ever have accomplished in your life, if you trace it back to where it started, you will see that it only happened because you became inspired enough to do it.

You didn’t just say to yourself; “I want to start my own business”. You envisioned the finished fantasy version of it,  and that’s what really allowed it to happen. Even if you don’t think this is so, if you dig deep enough you can trace it back to your subconscious mind. Maybe you just felt you wanted to help people or make a product or maybe you just wanted to leave the job you were in but didn’t know how exactly you would do this. Then because you were tuned into it, the specifics started revealing themselves to you. Sparking more and more ideas that excited you and this is when you began to take the steps to make it happen for real. When you could see it so clearly, you could feel it. Saying you want to do something and finding the true inspiration to do it, remain two different things.
Look around you.
Every single thing you see; someone made it happen. It came from somewhere. Most likely a dream, either a waking dream or sleeping dream, doesn’t matter. More than likely a dream that unfolded because all the doubts and obstacles consciousness puts out there were quieted down enough to let it unfold.
It is in that silence of consciousness,
the realm of the subconscious,
that inspiration is born.
And with the right inspiration, anything is possible.

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